Serious Unique Benefits
work-style reform
▼ Complete telecommuting system
At Azpocket, you don't have to go to the office to work. You can work from anywhere in the world.
▼ Shorter working hours
Shorter work hours, such as 6 or 7 hours per day, are available. (For those who wish to do so)
▼ Three-day weekend system
3 days off per week is also an option. (For those who wish to do so)
▼ Flextime system
Some people are not good in the morning (night), others are good at it. The time when the engine starts is also different for each of them. Designate your own working hours for your engine.
Telecommuting Support
My desk and chair supply system
Since most of your work is done at a desk, a comfortable desk and chair are essential. Choose one that is easy for you to use.
A computer is indispensable for work. It is useless if the specs are not sufficient. Please choose the computer of your choice.
▼ Coworking Space Allowance
Working at home is fine, but sometimes you want to work outside for a change. We can accommodate such wishes.
▼ Telecommuting Allowance
Because you work from home, utilities and other expenses can be expensive. We provide a telecommuting allowance so that you can work in a comfortable environment. Please use the allowance to cover communication and utility expenses.
▼ Relation Allowance
The company pays for some of the company lunches and drinks so that we can talk casually.
Skills Improvement Support
▼Skill development allowance system
The company will partially cover the cost of purchasing books and online courses to improve skills.
English Language Learning Assistance Program
Aspocket works with many international partners and has many opportunities to use English, we encourage you to learn English.
Free use of our services
You can use Azpocket's services free of charge.
Please use the service and feel the high specifications. We also welcome your opinions on how to improve our services from the user's point of view.
Welfare and Other Benefits
Various social insurances
Regular bonus (twice a year)
Health checkup (once a year)
Maternity Leave System
childcare leave system
Sympathy money
wedding leave
travel allowance
free dress code
List of Available Positions

Currently, there are no new openings.