To achieve this mission, Azpocket continues to challenge Japan,
and the world, despite being a latecomer to the Internet infrastructure company.

In today's exciting world, where smartphones are spreading globally, the volume of information on the Internet continues to increase, and
new value is continually being created.
These foundations are supported by the Internet infrastructure, including hosting services.

Our goal at Azpocket is to create new value for this Internet infrastructure,
and to work with people around the world to create an interesting future.
To achieve this, we need to grow into a
global tech company by embracing various diversities and cooperating with colleagues from different countries and languages.

Unfortunately, not many companies from Japan have grown
into global Internet infrastructure companies.
However, if we look not only in Japan but also in Asia as a whole,
more and more companies have grown as global internet companies.

Although Azpocket is still a young company founded in 2016,
we believe that we can challenge the world as an internet infrastructure startup from Asia,
and succeed.

If you share our mission, please join us and challenge the world with us.
Azpocket Corporation
Hiroshi Itami, Representative Director