The world's Internet population is growing rapidly, technology is evolving rapidly, and new services and values continue to be created in this period of change.
We are trying to create new value by using the power of technology to create the most advanced Internet infrastructure by ourselves in a society that continues to undergo major changes.
Internet infrastructure is the foundation for creating unlimited businesses in the world of the Internet.
Based on this Internet infrastructure with unlimited possibilities, what kind of unprecedented paths will we take and what kind of interesting future will we create?
We want to enjoy change and stimulation, take on various challenges, and change the world.
If you have such a desire, let's have a talk.
Azpocket Corporation
Hiroshi Itami, Representative Director
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Since its establishment in 2016,
Azpocket has been steadily expanding in size.
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the internal things about the employees and the president, and we would like to introduce them to you.
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Azpocket's members have diverse work styles.
We offer a variety of benefits that will allow you to work comfortably and for a long time, only at